Monday, September 1, 2008


welcome to my new blog. Blogging is an interesting feat depending on what you have to say and I intend to do my best. The curious mind is always in search of answers and solutions. Here, I am sure we will have some interesting discussions and debates. Rightfully titled, the site intends to listen and list its own concerns, and together we will all be taking that single step as the Chinese say, which begins a million mile or a thousand or whatever...Liberia right now is where all the action is. I love my country like no other, so my ears are tune to the place. Okay. Stay tune.

A Very Interesting Quote: Liberia's Truth And Reconciliation Commision

I don’t come here to discuss blood diamond business. If you know somebody blood on the diamond, if you know where it is, go to The Hague….”
----Lewis Browne, former President Charles Taylor’s National Security Advisor