Saturday, January 26, 2013

Albert Porte Versus William V.S. Tubman

A. Porte 1906-1986
Introduction: Veteran Liberian social crusader Albert Porte's letter to President Tubman on August 25, 1951 brought out the best in the veteran Liberian political journalist and pamphleteer. Porte, with verve took on President William V.S. Tubman in an era when it was unwise to do so given Tubman's autocratic tendencies especially at a time when he was near to silencing his critics. He cautioned the Liberian chief executive not to purchase a luxury Presidential yacht which is said to have been 463-tons with a passenger capacity of 36. The posh carrier required an international crew, and a separate department within the Department of State and bought at $125,000.00.  The exchanges gives the reader a comprehensive glimpse into Porte’s character who is also considered by many as the father of social justice in Liberia

Thursday, January 24, 2013

President Sirleaf “Enduring Legacy”: A Rejoinder

ralph geeplay

President Sirleaf

Let’s pick some bones with Ms. Shirley N. Brownell, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s Communications Director and her well written op-ed, “Journey to Partnership: An Enduring Legacy for President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.”

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Liberian editor speaks truth to power


11 Questions: Activist Stephanie C. Horton

Horton is the managing editor and founder of Sea Breeze Journal of Contemporary Liberian Writings (SBJ), an e-publication that promotes Liberian arts and culture.