Sunday, January 29, 2012

Liberia: Discrimination against gays and lesbians is Wrong!

 By: Stephanie C. Horton

Introduction: Gays and Lesbians issues around the world are quickly getting attention from intellectuals, religious leaders and the ordinary citizens walking the streets. Liberia is no exception. The Liberian president, Madame Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, recently and jointly awarded the Nobel peace prize has vowed to veto any bill coming out of the the Liberian parliament that recognized people of same sex marriage in the country. But Stephanie Horton, the editor of the contemporary Liberian magazine of literature and arts, The Sea Breeze Journal is urging the Liberian government and its recently elected president to respect the rights of people with different sexual orientation.

Ms. Horton

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The duplicity of American foreign policy in the Liberian war

Introduction: Liberia held a 2nd successful post war elections last year cementing a rule to democratic governance after almost two decades of war. American influence in Liberia is still high as have always been, but the duplicity of American policy makers to intervene successfully in the Liberian carnage which they encouraged and nurtured is almost now being forgotten! Not only did the United states supported Samuel Doe massively, it also armed his army and encouraged him to pick a fight with Mohammed Qaddafi. Libya, returned the favor and in revenge it allowed its territoriality to be used as a staging point for the Liberian war. Not only did Liberia declared war on Germany during the second world war when the country had no standing army, but it did so in loyalty to the US considering the so-called one sided "special relationship" always seen in the eyes of Liberians only. Liberia also was a major intelligence gathering and listening post for the CIA during the cold war.