Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Liberia's foreign policy under Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

H.E. Madame Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Introduction: Moses Josephus Gray, a young Liberian diplomat and longtime media practitioner and journalist currently posted to the Liberian Embassy in Pairs France is of the view that under the Johnson Sirleaf administration, the foreign policy initiatives of Liberia has seen a major boost as Africa's first independent country pick up the pieces from war to peace. He says " Our nation was view by the outside world as a failed state. But with the extraordinary display of diplomatic modus operandi and sound leadership, Liberia has since regained its status among the comity of nations..." Mr Gray wants Johnson Sirleaf reelected to another six years term.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Weah and the CDC claims must be investigated!

By: ralph geeplay

The football maestro turn politician George Weah

This week in Monrovia, George Weah, the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) vice standard bearer issued strong worded accusations in the Liberian capital against the Liberian presidency and the presidential candidate of the ruling Unity Party standard bearer Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Presidential Age Requirement Is More than Just a Number!!

President Sirleaf &  Vice President Boikah

Introduction: Jackson, a rising Liberian sociopolitical commentator is arguing that the Liberian presidency is aged old, accordingly, the president and the vice president respectively. He posits that if the unity party this election circle had chosen a young professional or technocrat as a vice presidential candidate that gesture would have gone a long way in stabilizing the political future of the country, and thereby appealing to the youth who make about 60 percent of the population. Says Jackson, " But I am honestly worried about the future complexities of two aging old leaders at the helm of power for the next six years."

Monday, September 5, 2011

Winston Tubman and his Congress for Democratic Change

By ralph geeplay

                     Tubman and Weah feel off the crowd in Monrovia

Winston Tubman and his Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) are showing their true colors as national elections approaches. They are showing the Liberian people the other side of the coin. That coin being the violent bearing with which its partisans have behaved constantly since 2005, resulting to violence every opportunity that arises to express their displeasure with the body politics of which they are part. This certainly, is a tell tale says analysts that they will not accept anything short of electoral victory when the presidential and legislative elections result are announced later this year by the National Elections Commission of Liberia.