Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tribute: Ken Saro Wiwa (1941-1995)

It is me against Dutch Shell---no it is us
Me and my kins our district raped

Black gold brook through these infinite canals
And our babies are famished turmoil swayed
As mace --- the soil is barren like desert sands
Abacha laughs his face hidden as we grumbled
Behind slashed overfed cheeks and wall of shades
While me and my people to the clouds wail

We eat smog so the engines
Of Brussels and Detroit dart our votes silenced

It is me against Dutch Shell --- no it is us
I pursue the pen and a naked soul exposed

And an ample unlock jaws part for answers
That bay to be heeded beside this Dutch that dished
Our hopes --- is it spurious that I hike and swims
In the way of the great one who toiled?
In the name of the Mahatma who thump an empire this
I say bring the gibbet and I stay it with smiles untied

I embraced the Greek walking in his foot steps
Let me go to a cold interment but we shall win as the wind

It is me against Dutch Shell ---no it is us
Even here to these stones here I shall not be rested

My voice from these slabs --- let my Ogoni people persists
Their quarrels like pepper birds --- crying he was the son of the land
He fought well like the great Chaka what is
Death but respite let me enter this soil in this Niger Delta and
It intertwines with me --- the land as it revel my skeletons
The chattels of my fathers from there still wounded

Speak I shall --- watched still these dire lethal flames
That flares the open skies the Dutch untouched

It is me against Dutch Shell ---no it is us
Now tell me pretty pardon the felony arraigned

That I taunts and howls for humanity’s sake ---oh bogus!
That my people are fettered in their own house and
The toxins the Dutch feeds them are wares
My people guzzle benzene it corrupts their crops bid
Them cancer---it eats their livers I see their lingering stares
Yea I am still Ken Saro Wiwa, the Okonkwo of the Delta

The Ogoni prince, the fearless warrior, I am him all this relay
I shall never go away even bind here with them I fight*

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